Holiday shopping: the earlier you do it, the better

Shopping tips for the holidaysThe end of the year gets crazy busy between holiday planning, school functions, business parties and gift shopping. That’s why I try to finish as early as possible. I even wrote a post over at Babble about how to finish all your holiday shopping by December 1st.

Now that Hanukkah is a few days away and that Christmas is creeping up on us, I have to confess I haven’t finished all my holiday shopping. Why? Probably because it is never easy to practice what you preach. Also, my initial list grew quite a bit, and I will be shopping tomorrow for the people I decided to add. I know a few of you will be rolling your eyes, thinking I am stressing too much. However, you have to admit there is nothing like finishing your holiday shopping as early as possible.

Not convinced? If you shop early, you don’t have to deal with long lines, crowds or depleted inventory. When you have kids, it is no minor issue to find that THE gift they wanted is out of stock. Also, if you shop early, you don’t have to deal with crazy traffic and deranged people who start fighting for parking spaces at the mall. You can actually sit back and remember why we are giving gifts. In all the insanity surrounding last-minute holiday shopping it’s quite easy to forget the real meaning of the holidays. Especially when you end up tuning out holiday decorations and music that seem to have been around us since October.

Even if you did not manage to finish all your shopping by December 1st, take a look at my tips because they still work, unless you really leave everything til the last minute.